This Ship is Rockin’ II


If you have a personal travel agent do NOT use them for this trip –  You WILL NOT be able to be added to our group and receive the special perks.

By following the process below, you WILL receive the lowest rate. If Royal Caribbean has a promotion with a rate that is lower than our group rate, you will get the promotional rate. If you book and our group rate is lower, you will automatically be given the lower (group) rate. We have already had a couple book a balcony cabin and once they were added to our group, they were give a $202 discount because our group rate was lower.

STEP 1) If you would like to book Online just CLICK HERE and book yourself.
Keep in mind,  If you want to keep your reservations as 100% refundable until the Final payment date, it’s imperative that you book it online with the refundable rate. That way, once it gets added to the group, Royal Caribbean can change the booking to the group rate. If you want the non-refundable, and it is a better deal than the group rate, they will leave your booking as is. You will always get the lowest rate, as long as you book direct through Royal Caribbean.

STEP 2) Once you book online, use the FORM LOCATED HERE and send us your information so that we can make sure you get added to our group. 

Or, If you would rather work with a representative (they often are able to give you a “perk” just for calling direct) then follow these two steps.

STEP 1) Call 1-800-465-3595 and click option 4. Give our group number (5676224) to the agent and then book your room.

STEP 2) Once you book online, use the FORM LOCATED HERE and send us your information so that we can double check to make sure you have been added to our group. 

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions about the cruise, please e-mail or call our offices at 386-253-0000